The Titsey Herd

You can usually see this herd of fine pedigree Sussex cattle grazing in Titsey Park as you pass up the entrance driveway on the way to the House and Gardens. The Titsey Herd help to maintain the Parkland as grazed pasture which provides such a stunning backdrop to Titsey Place and Gardens.

The Sussex cattle are a native breed, well suited to the land at Titsey and they seem to belong in the park. The herd was established in 2006 with 6 cows and a bull. It has since grown rapidly, responding to demand for high quality locally sourced meat. The herd now numbers 75 cows plus the bulls Boxted Regent 8th and Mayfield General 4th.

Beef from the Titsey herd is available to the public through a "Beef Box" scheme with a range of cuts supplied fresh ready use or to freeze.

Please contact Bill Peters on 07860 445628 or

High quality beef from the Titsey Herd of Pedigree Sussex cattle is available through a Beef Box Scheme